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Owner Brian SmithWhat's it like to work with Illuminations - Festive Lighting & Decor? On this page we'll tell you how easy it is to use our lighting service, the kind of results our clients have reported and we'll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to client needs and how we're different than other lighting services.


Expected Results

When you work with us you can expect us to hear and understand your requests as well as offer additional solutions to things you might not have even thought of.
We will ask you to explain to us what look and feel you are hoping to create. Once we understand what you're trying to accomplish, we will then offer our suggestions that we've gained from experience in handling similar situations. We often find that we can accomplish a lot more than what you originally expected making your day a little sweeter.
We can do so much more than just install Christmas lights. We have trained extensively in the field of lighting design and have that "eye" for what will look the best. We also have professional quality décor to accentuate focal points of architecture. Our service provides the design, the materials, the installation / removal and the maintenance of everything we install.
Once on the job you'll appreciate our approach to providing competent professionalism. We are connected nationwide to a network of lighting professionals. Collectively we have solved about every typical and non typical challenge there is out there. Not only do we possess the "know-how" we are also efficient. We can accomplish in short time what many think will take days.
We have over 20 years experience developing long term relationships. Our goal is to win your loyalty by providing attentive and reliable service so you won"t have to go looking for a new lighting service each season. Be assured that our successful history in the service industry qualifies us to be your preferred source for beautiful lighting results for your home or business for years to come.


Guiding Beliefs and Values


Responsiveness:  We strive to keep ourselves accessible to you.  Whether by phone, email or fax, we hope you appreciate our willingness to assist you promptly and in person.


Reliability:  Once your service is scheduled we then do our best to arrive on time, keeping you informed if a delay is anticipated.  Additionally, we pride ourselves in thorough communication.  Our goal is to provide what was promised dependably and accurately.


Assurance:  We train extensively on the latest lighting techniques, safety procedures and customer service practices so that any one of our crews can cheerfully and competently perform the services necessary to keeping your home, business or property looking its best.


Empathy:  We know that your situation and needs are unique to you.  You aren't necessarily like everyone else that we have serviced and we do our best to accommodate emergencies, event dates and special requests because that is what we expect when we need service.


Professionalism:  We hope you appreciate our efforts to act and look as professional as possible while in your home or on your property.  Our uniformed employees, clean lettered vehicles, clean and padded ladders are all designed to treat you and your property with utmost respect.

Our Approach to Winning and Keeping Your Business

When you work with us you should feel that you are being pampered.  Starting with this website hopefully you are gaining a feel of our intent to "wow" you with service and care.  We want to understand your needs, offer options to the solutions to your needs in order to arrive at the best fit and then perform those services at or beyond your level of expectation.
We treat your home or property like we would our mother's.  We are careful with your landscape, use padded ladders, and employ friendly conscientious technicians.  Shoot, if possible, we won't even park in your driveway.  Other than leaving behind a stunning creative use of light, you won't even know we were there.
Like a favorite restaurant you should feel compelled to share your positive experience with us with your family and friends.  We intend to stay in contact with you after your services have been performed.  We want you to teach us from your experience how we can improve our ability to serve.  If we overlooked something we want to know.  If we succeeded in pampering you we want to know.  Just like you we want feed back and crave even the smallest deserved pat-on-the-back.

How Are We Different From Other Lighting Services?


We know that you can choose from several services who profess to be the "best".  Some tout that they have the lowest prices, some that they are a one-man-show and others may have the biggest ad.  What's important is what you value the most.  Here's what we've learned from our customers;
You want someone with experience.  We have been providing the services you seek since 1988.  Over the years we have learned what works and what doesn't.  Every insight we've gained we've added to our comprehensive training so that no matter which of our trained professionals performs your work you can rest assured that it is done correctly and according to industry standards.
You want decent respectable individuals performing the work.  You will notice beginning with your first call to us that our staff is knowledgeable, helpful and amazingly friendly.  When we arrive to perform the work that impression will continue as you notice that we are just down-right nice looking as well.  We only employ those who meet our high standards of; appearance, intelligence, moral fiber, competency and effective communication skills.  We feel that you will also appreciate their "sunny" dispositions.  Hardly a week goes by that we don't have a client call just to compliment the pleasantness and professionalism of the crew who just left their property.
You want peace of mind that we will be safe and that we are properly insured.  We hope you appreciate our efforts to not only stay compliant with all laws and safety regulations governing our industry but to also carry appropriate and current workers compensation and liability insurance certificates.  Additionally, all employees must pass a background check and ethics screening prior to becoming part of our drug and smoke free staff.  Finally, ongoing procedural and safety training helps us to ensure that your family, belongings and property stay safe when in our presence.
You want a company that you are comfortable with, who knows your home or property and one that you can depend on year after year.  There are new individuals appearing on the lighting service scene every year.  Some are legitimate, some aren't.  Some may have tempting "great deals".   Please know that the services you need us to perform at your home or property will not be learning experiences for us.  We will meticulously perform the work, document your unique needs in our client data base and then we'll be dependably accessible to you for repeat services year after year.  We have been servicing clients for over twenty years, when you need us we'll still be here.
You want the best value for your dollar.  Be assured that we are NOT the lowest priced lighting service you will find.  We never will be.  Our goal is to be profitable so that we can continue providing the residents and business owners of northern Utah with a reliable and dependable source for their lighting needs for years to come.  We would not be of any value to your frequent needs nor to our employees needs if we were "out of business".  When you compare the value listed above for the price of our attentive service of your needs you will agree that Illuminations - Festive Lighting & Décor is the best value for your specific lighting needs.  Remember "The bitterness of poor quality [and service] remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten"   -Benjamin Franklin 


Now that you have a better idea of the results you can expect when working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with you, go to the "FAQ" page to get the answers to frequently asked questions.
Or, if you know now that we might be the company for you, call us right now...




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Owners Cell: 801.430.2427, Brian Smith (no solicitors)
We look forward to providing you a great result every time you use Illuminations - Festive Lighting & Decor.

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